Unraveling the Past

There are so many things humans have accomplished over the past century. From driving cars to planes and even rocket ships to the moon. We have literally defied gravity and redefined time and space. In my Spirit Travels I have also defied the natural order of this world bypassing what is known as current time into the past. I first go into meditation and ground myself and through the instructions of my guides travel with them to destinations all over Earth. When we get there it is usually much further back in time than what is known of the site today. For example when I Spirit Traveled to Stonehenge the stones were not there and the ground was bare. Then I was shown what the site was used for and why these great megaliths were placed and by whom. Receiving this information is mind blowing and a great honor. I have traveled in the ethers to work on my clients around the world for over three decades. I am able to defy time and space and literally be in front of the client and work on their physical ailments. Many people can ‘feel’ the energy, my hands and experience healing. To go beyond this and Spirit Travel or time travel seemed to make sense to my guides for they were the ones that took me on this journey years ago.

In my new book ‘Spirit Traveler’ I visit eight sites around the world where I share in depth the history we know thus far and what my finding are through my Spirit Travels. We have accepted the truth of history as it has been written by historians and theologians. Not until this century have we questioned recorded history until discoveries that were so blatant caused a closer look. Religion alone has curved our history into the belief of the ruling power. Much of our history recorded by monks has the belief systems of the church and their interpretation of the times. Even historians four thousand years ago reporting on events that took place thousands of years prior were totally influenced by their belief systems and religion often leaving interpretations that are heavily slanted with the cultural trend.

Archaeologists have a methodology that gives us clues to the possibilities of how a culture lived and when the site was built but even their dates have been off by thousands of years. They too interpret their findings based on an understanding of the world and what they know at this time in history. There are amazing artifacts that tell a different story but only certain subjects remain acceptable by the science community. Scully never believed Agent Mulder on the popular television show the X Files until she had her own close encounter.

It seems far fetched to many that we have been visited by extra-terrestrials and yet there are numerous reports that span the globe. The artifacts that exist and tell exactly that story have been interpreted by people who want to see something else. The thought of beings that are more advanced with abilities we can only imagine boggles the mind and leaves most humans shutting down with a good dose of denial. We are born into a state of amnesia not remembering where we came from or our past lives. For humans to remember that star beings exist and are the very demigods we have worshiped certainly is more than history has shared with us today.

Giant human skeleton remains have been found in the Ecuador and Peru Amazon region. This does not make headline news due to the fact we are not equipped to deal with this information. This kind of news causes the world to have to confront the biggest concern humanity has wrestled with since the beginning of time; we are not the most powerful and omnipotent beings in the galaxy and beyond. For the powers that run countries and the religion that has shaped them this is not a doable history lesson. Humans have based centuries upon fight or flight with battles that define and conquer land, people and religion. Spirit Traveler tells a different story, reminding people of what these star beings were trying to do, helping to shape and evolve the human race. We are not victims in this story. We are infinite souls having a human experience and now the opportunity to reconnect with what really happened at these sacred sites.

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