I experienced a convergence of all my lifetimes coming together to that specific moment as I stood inside an ancient stone circle in England.  This new found clarity was a riot in my heart and a revelation that went beyond words.  Energy rose up through the soles of my feet, rapidly moving through my legs, torso, arms, neck and head.  It was a comfortable feeling, like walking into your mother’s home and hearing her voice and feeling the warmth of her hug.  You knew you were home. England embraced me as much as I embraced England.  I laughed out loud realizing that a decade at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival dressed in Elizabethan clothing was simply me dialing in the numbers to my past.

Another past life experience was the Tower of London. This ominous place was writhing in pain.  I spiritually protect myself before I entered this familiar ground.  I do not energetically connect with the ghosts I see allowing them free rein to engage me.  I have years of experience dealing with ghosts and keeping my energy grounded.  I am able to observe and not connect my feelings with theirs. Ghosts are interesting but I always ask them ‘aren’t you tired of this?’  If they say yes then I ask for the angels to help them.  When people die horrific deaths they are shocked that anything like this would happen to them. They become stuck because they are still trying to resolve and heal the emotional devastation they experienced in their life. This catapults them into a staying here on the Earth plane. Ghosts are far too invested in repeating the tasks and habits of their prior life.  Some get downright nasty and torment those who enter their domain. The site is quite large with the towers well known for their inhabitance. I felt relief knowing I was retracing my own history as I wandered through the towers encountering those who still remain.

There were ghosts in all of the hotels we stayed in but the one that was the most hospitable was a small room on the top floor of an 18th century coaching inn. This was the bedroom of the woman who ran the inn.  I saw her plain as day sitting in the chair. I asked her permission to stay in the small room.  She said that would be fine.  She said she would stay out of our way.  She was very kind and a bit nosey and continued on with her timeless duties.  I was relieved to have a peaceful night of sleep given there was a cemetery that shared the outer yard with this inn!  I marveled over architecture, tea and scones, baby lambs and fields so yellow they rivaled the sun.

But the most profound experience of this trip was feeling my relationship to the land.  This far surpassed any ghost or shopping excursion.  I found myself in love with trees, flowers, ancient stone circles and those incredible rock walls.  I realized my deeply rooted past lives were a tapestry that I would always be a part of.  I will return to England next year for more adventures.

Loving everyone around the World;

Sonja Grace